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This series of units focuses on the spirituality of organisations and their ability to integrate spirituality with leadership and organisational transformation. If you are in leadership or an aspiring leader this specialisation will equip you for your future in leadership.

2020 Units


Leadership: Task and Challenge

Semester 2, 2020
Study Mode: Intensive

This unit introduces the student to the concept and practice of leadership from a Christian perspective. The topic will be explored utilising De Pree's definition of Leadership as; Defining reality, Servanthood, and Gratitude.

Further theoretical breadth will be explored as attention is given to the five practices of leadership emanating from the research of Kouzes and Posner. Evaluation of team dynamics and conflict resolution will be included in the consideration of leadership tasks.

Dr Grant Sander-cock Brown Captain Andrew Walton
Major Dr Grant Sandercock Brown Captain Andrew Walton

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  • DP2195B - Undergraduate Unit, Intensive
  • DP8195B - Postgraduate Unit, Intensive


Developing and Leading Healthy Team Work in Ministry

Semester 2, 2020
Study Mode: Blended

This unit is designed to provide knowledge and skills for developing and leading teams in a ministry context. Students will examine developmental stages of teams and healthy team dynamics as foundational concepts for effective team ministry. The leadership of ministry teams is explored though strategies such as effective communication, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the team and enlarging the capacity of the team.

Major Dr Christine Unicomb

Major Dr Christine Unicomb

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