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Officer Formation

What is a Salvation Army officer?

Officers are the equivalent of full-time ordained ministers in other Christian denominations. A person must be a soldier of The Salvation Army before they can become an officer. An officer is a full-time minister of religion committed to the wider vision of The Salvation Army.

What is Officership?

Officership refers to the period of active service of an officer who is an ordained minister of The Salvation Army. It provides an amazing environment for ministry leaders to grow and thrive, to live out God’s purpose in one’s life, and to lead and serve others well. Your availability to go where and when there is a need is what sets officership apart from other forms of ministry leadership in the Salvation Army. 

What happens after the training?

After ordination, officers are appointed to various roles in The Salvation Army across Australia, which could include church leadership, social programs, or management according to their skills and experiences.

How does Eva Burrows College equip you for life as an officer in The Salvation Army?

The Eva Burrows College Officer Formation Team is responsible for training leaders (called cadets) to become officers. We are committed to a training model that is holistic, individualised, flexible, and academically sound.

Officers are formed not by a focus upon a few areas of personal preference and expertise, but by engaging in a holistic approach that considers the breadth of who we are as individuals and the complexity of officership today.

Commissioned officers in their first five years will continue to be supported by the Officer Formation Team who are here to encourage every graduate to build on the foundations laid during their time as a cadet.

What is the three-fold formation of training?

We recognise that ‘one size’ does not fit all. The holistic approach of training officers of The Salvation Army is delivered through a threefold process which integrates theological and educational formation, personal and spiritual formation and mission and ministry formation.

  • Personal and Spiritual Formation: Our focus is upon deepening your self-knowledge as well as your responsiveness to the gracious presence of God in your life and your practice of key spiritual disciplines. A range of opportunities (from class-based, to experiential practices, to personal reflection) will all contribute to this process.
  • Theological and Educational Formation: Our focus is upon developing a required level of educational and theological literacy. Key educational units will help you to develop the broad theoretical foundation which will serve as the building blocks for your future learning, intentional reflection, and practice of mission and ministry.
  • Mission and Ministry Formation: Our focus is upon engaging with a variety of mission and ministry opportunities and contexts to apply learning in practice. Though it is a learning environment, the opportunities for mission and ministry are in real settings and will be a key element of training.

Learn more about becoming an officer

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