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Student Resources

Ensuring a supportive learning environment through a range of student services and facilities

Eva Burrows College provides a personal learning experience as we care about you and your learning journey. We offer services and facilities to ensure that you are supported in every way.

What’s available?

  • Enrolment advice: Experienced staff are available to guide you through the admissions and enrolment process for all courses.

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate study advice: Course information and knowledgeable planning will help you maximise the options that are available to you. Our Registrar is available to provide you with any assistance regarding your higher education study and can be contacted on

  • Orientation: Orientation sessions are offered for students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate awards, and once enrolled, an online orientation module is available on ARK, our Learning Management System.

  • Fee payment
    We have payment plans for those considering vocational qualifications to help you meet your fee commitments. You can speak to our course coordinators or contact them on
    Students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate awards can access FEE-HELP, an Australian Government loan scheme to help eligible fee paying students to pay their tuition fees. 
  • Academic support 
    Study skills assistance is available to students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate awards. You can contact Academic Literacy Support Officer, Ennis Macleod, for more details at
  • Library 
    Eva Burrows College library is located in Melbourne. All members can access a large digital collection and over 36,000+ print resources including specialised collections. Students are welcome to email our librarians at for any help.
  • Air-conditioned and well-equipped classrooms
  • Tutorial and meeting rooms
  • Internet facilities and Wifi in common areas
  • Accommodation is available to all students with short stay options at Ringwood.
  • Parking is available on and around all our campuses
  • Large open spaces are available on our campuses that serve as informal learning spaces 
  • Worship and prayer rooms
  • Chapel
  • Auditorium (Melbourne campus)
  • Kitchenette areas with coffee machine, microwave, and other facilities
  • Recreation facilities include game rooms, gym and the availability of sports equipment to help you enjoy the outdoors. Facilities are different for each of the campuses 
  • Basketball court and full size oval with cricket pitch (Melbourne campus)

Send us an enquiry if you have any questions or give us call on +61 3 9847 5400