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About Us


We are the national learning centre of The Salvation Army

Drawing from our cutting-edge Salvation Army experience, Eva Burrows College exists to encourage and empower you for life, mission, and service through our nationally recognised and accredited courses.

Whether your passion is to lead a team, serve the community you live in, or share the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can provide a comprehensive learning pathway that integrates practical experience with formal qualifications.

We offer education and training that ranges from professional development, vocational
training, officership, and higher education and welcome students to study with us in person or online and be equipped to transform the society we live in.

What we believe

Eva Burrows College is grounded in historic Christian faith. Specifically, we stand in the Evangelical-Wesleyan tradition. Read more ...

Our Mission

Our purpose is to build capacity and capability so that wherever there is hardship or injustice, Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to transform Australia one life at a time with the love of Jesus. Read more ...

Our Culture

Our culture is an expression of the Australia Territory’s values:

  • We value INTEGRITY and demonstrate this in learning, business, governance and stewardship.
  • We value relationships within our learning community, seeking to extend generosity, support, care and COMPASSION to each other.
  • We show RESPECT by affirming the human dignity and worth of every person, acknowledging individual capacity and giftedness.
  • We welcome DIVERSITY, celebrating difference, desiring to listen and respond to others’ contributions and perspectives.
  • We value COLLABORATION and collegiality, seeking to work and learn creatively and cooperatively in and across healthy teams.

Anchoring our culture

  • We are a Christian college and our values are grounded in the life and teachings of Jesus in ways that are respectful of others.
  • We value people, seeking wholeness for ourselves and those we serve.
  • We value portable, flexible and lifelong learning, developing individuals in their skills and knowledge for life, service and mission.
  • We support holistic mission by enabling people to respond to physical, emotional and spiritual need.