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Unit Codes

Undergraduate and postgraduate Unit Code explained

The Unit Code contains the level of study, Field, Discipline and a unique unit identity number. Online units contain the number 7 after the level of study. The B at the end of the Unit Code represents Eva Burrows College.

Eg. CT3796B = CT is the Field and Discipline, 3 is the level of study, 7 indicates it is an online unit, 96 is the unique number for the unit Foundations of the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition and B identifies the unit as delivered by Eva Burrows College.

Level of study

Units are offered at one of the following levels:

  • Diploma (unit number coding begins with 0)
  • Undergraduate Level 1 (unit number coding begins with 1)
  • Undergraduate Level 2 (unit number coding begins with 2)
  • Undergraduate Level 3 (unit number coding begins with 3)
  • Postgraduate Foundational (unit number coding begins with 8)
  • Postgraduate Elective (unit number coding begins with 9)
  • Capstone (unit number coding begins with 3 (undergraduate) or 9 (postgraduate))

Fields and Disciplines

The University of Divinity structures its learning, teaching and research around four broad Fields of study, each Field housing a range of disciplines. 

Field A: Humanities

AH - History
AL - Biblical Languages
AL - Languages ancient and modern
AP - Philosophy
AR - Religious Studies

Field B - Biblical Studies

BA - Old Testament
BN - New Testament
BS - Biblical Studies

Field C: Christian Thought and History

CH - Church History
CT - Systematic Theology

Field D: Theology: Mission and Ministry

DA - Mission and Ministry
DC - Canon Law
DD - Spiritual Direction
DE - Education Studies
DL - Lithurgy
DM - Missiology
DP - Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies
DR - Religious Studies
DS - Spirituality
DT - Moral Theology
DU - Ecumenical Studies