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CertDiv - Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity

The Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity offers students an opportunity to explore a range of theological, philosophical and ministry-related studies. Students may explore new or develop existing knowledge and skills for vocational and professional purposes. The Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity consists of 72 points comprised of 72 points of any discipline except DZ.

GCRM - Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology

The Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology equips students to apply sophisticated research skills to complex issues such as the development of a research proposal, gathering of and conceptual processing of research material, and the presentation of a research artefact, such as a dissertation.

CHC53215 - Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Be equipped with high level specialist knowledge, practical skills and competencies to support people with health issues related to alcohol and drug use and misuse. You will expand your knowledge on the effects of alcohol and other drugs and learn how to provide counselling, referral and promotion services to clients. This course will also equip you with the skills to offer realistic and achievable pathways to clients, improving their lives and enabling their re-engagement with their family, the community and the workforce.

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is a higher degree by research. The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy is to qualify individuals who apply a substantial body of knowledge to research, investigate and develop new knowledge, in one or more areas of investigation, scholarship or professional practice.

CHCSS00111 - Problem Gambling Skill Set

This course is industry endorsed and will provide you with a set of skills for working with clients who have gambling problems. An online course, ideally suited to those already working as counsellors, financial counsellors or case-workers, it would also assist other health professionals who want to develop specialised skills to support clients and their families with gambling issues.

GDTheol - Graduate Diploma in Theology

The Graduate Diploma in Theology allows students to explore areas of interest in theology. It provides a substantial foundation for further study and a means of engaging Christian thought and traditions. Graduates are able to articulate insights for Christian practice and identity. The Graduate Diploma in Theology consists of 144 points comprised of: - 72 points of Foundational units taken across three disciplines in at least two fields; and - a further 72 points

GCDiv - Graduate Certificate in Divinity

The Graduate Certificate in Divinity allows students to explore areas of interest in divinity and its associated disciplines. It serves as an introduction to the broad field of study of theology or philosophy and disciplines which are associated with them. Every course of study for the Graduate Certificate in Divinity consists of 72 points of Foundational or Elective units.

MDiv - Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is a primary theological degree for students with a degree in another area. The Master of Divinity enables students to apply an advanced body of knowledge in divinity and its associated disciplines in ministry contexts. Students broaden their knowledge and skills to prepare them for professional practice and further learning. The Master of Divinity consists of 432 points comprised of: a) not less than 168 points and not more than 192 points of Foundational units, including: - 48 points in at least one biblical or associated language - 48 points in field B - 48 points in field C - 24 points in field D b) not less than 148 points and not more than 240 points of Elective units, including: - 24 points in field B - 24 points in field C - 24 points in field D c) either a Capstone unit worth at least 24 points or a Research Essay.

CHCSS00077 - Financial Literacy Education Skill Set

Enrol in this six month online course to help you develop the skills necessary to educate your clients on money management and basic consumer credit issues. There are no entry requirements for this qualification. However, it is most suited to individuals who either; hold a qualification at Certificate III level or higher in Community Services, health or another related field or have skills equivalent to the qualification requirement validated through a recognition of prior learning process.

10635NAT - Diploma of Chaplaincy

This course is for any individual looking to train as a Chaplain; a vocation that meets people at their point of need and provides support. Delivered face to face and complemented by on-line learning in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, the Diploma of Chaplaincy will empower you with pragmatic learning to pursue your commitment to serve in the ministry you are called to.

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