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11070NAT - Diploma of Chaplaincy

This course is for any individual looking to train as a Chaplain; a vocation that meets people at their point of need and provides support. Delivered via face-to-face workshops, online classroom sessions and self-paced learning, the Diploma of Chaplaincy will empower you with pragmatic learning to pursue your commitment to serve in the ministry you are called to.

BSB50420 - Diploma of Leadership and Management

This course is a great introduction to the world of leadership and management and will give you the skills to provide leadership, guidance and support to others as well as taking responsibility for your own decisions and performance.

AdvDipTheolMin- - Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry

The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry builds on the Diploma in Theology by enabling students to deepen their understanding of the key theological disciplines of Biblical Studies and Christian Thought and History and in Ministry. This is extended by further study in those disciplines and in the area of practical ministry studies. It may be possible for students to undertake study in a ministry setting as part of the course. The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry consists of 288 points comprised of: - 18 points of Old Testament - 18 points of New Testament - 18 points of Church History - 18 points of Systematic Theology - 36 additional points from Field B (Biblical Studies) and / or Field C (Christian Thought and History) - 36 points from Field D (Theology: Mission and Ministry) - a further 144 points of study.

BMin- - Bachelor of Ministry

The Bachelor of Ministry prepares students for the practice of ministry. It establishes foundations for ministry through the study of scriptures, theological traditions, historical and contemporary contexts. It requires concentrated study in ministry praxis. The Bachelor of Ministry provides a foundation for graduates to understand and articulate their identity and place in the world. It may be possible for students to undertake study in a ministry setting as part of the course. The Bachelor of Ministry consists of 432 points comprised of: a) 72 points in a discipline or disciplines in Field B (Biblical Studies) which must include at least 18 points in each Testament; b) 36 points in the discipline of Church History; c) 72 points in the discipline of Systematic Theology; d) 36 points in a discipline or disciplines in Field D (Theology: Mission and Ministry); e) 72 points of units in the discipline of Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies including at least 36 points of Supervised Theological Field Education or Clinical Pastoral Education; and f) An undergraduate Capstone unit worth at least 18 points; and g) A further 126 points. Each course of study for the Bachelor of Ministry: a) must not include more than 216 points at level 1; and b) must include at least 180 points at level 3 including 36 points at level 3 in a discipline or disciplines in Field D (Theology: Mission and Ministry).

2020MHFA - Mental Health First Aid Online

This 12 hours online course will teach you how to provide initial support to other adults who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence-based Action Plan.

MPhil - Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy is a higher degree by research in divinity or one or more of its associated disciplines and is designed for individuals who bring a foundation within this disciplinary range. The purpose of the Master of Philosophy is to qualify individuals to apply an advanced body of knowledge in divinity or one or more of its associated disciplines in a range of contexts and to provide a pathway for possible further learning. The course of study for the Master of Philosophy by major thesis consists of: 1. Submission of an annual report throughout the duration of candidature. 2. Satisfactory completion of confirmation of candidature. 3. Where relevant, satisfactory completion of requirements of the Human Research Ethics Committee. 4. Attendance and participation in a minimum of 8 hours of research seminars at he University and either a University Research Conference or a research conference approved by the candidate's College during each year of candidature. Satisfactory completion of these requirements must be certified by the College on the candidate's annual report. 5. Preparation of a thesis of up to 40,000 words for examination.

CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services

This course is for people who value making a difference in their community by contributing to build strong and inclusive communities. It reflects the roles of workers involved in the managing, co-ordinating and/or delivering of person-centred services to individuals, groups and communities.

CHC51115 - Diploma of Financial Counselling

This course is for people who want to train to become a Financial Counsellor within community services and community legal organisations, supporting people in need. Throughout this course you will acquire specialist knowledge, paralegal skills, and competencies that focus on credit and debit issues that affect those who are facing significant debt and financial issues.

CHC43215 - Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs

Learn how to support people in the community who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and learn how to assess, intervene, counsel and advocate for people with addiction. You will be equipped with the knowledge of how to provide a range of services and interventions to people with alcohol and other drugs issues and/or implement health promotion and community interventions delivering better outcomes for your clients.

CF - Chaplaincy Foundations

Study chaplaincy at Eva Burrows College and start building the skills necessary to work as a chaplain in a variety of settings and be equipped to meet people at their point of need. In this course you will learn a broad range of cognitive and advanced communication and relational skills to help others.

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