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Undergraduate Study

Eva Burrows College offers a range of undergraduate awards to empower, encourage and equip you for life, mission and service. The awards are all accredited through the University of Divinity.

Undergraduate Coursework Awards

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity - 4 units

    The Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity offers you an opportunity to learn foundational concepts in the study of divinity and additionally how to apply these skills to the interpretation of texts, theological concepts and contemporary contexts. Providing a pathway to further undergraduate studies in divinity-related areas, this award is a foundation for lifelong learning in theological, philosophical and ministry-related studies. Taking only one semester of full-time study or two semesters of part-time study to complete, students can explore one or more areas such as: History, Biblical Studies, Theology, Mission and Ministry, and Spirituality. If you have been considering theological studies this would be the perfect place to start.

  • Diploma in Theology - 8 units

    Whether your interest is preparation for ministry or simply part of a personal faith journey, the Diploma of Theology offers you a grounding in Bible and theology as well as options from a broad selection of other areas such as pastoral practice, missiology, leadership.

  • Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry - 16 units

    Building upon the Diploma in Theology, the Advanced Diploma offers you an opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge and skills according to your interests.

  • Bachelor of Ministry - 24 units

    Targeting ministry and leadership, the Bachelor of Ministry is designed to prepare innovative leaders for church and societal settings. Scaffolded with a robust theological framework, students develop capacity to respond to the complex demands of ministry with maturity and creativity.

  • Bachelor of Theology - 24 units

    Theology is not only ‘talk about God,’ but ‘talk of life’ – fulfilling, dynamic life that impacts the world for the better. Sharing a common suite of units with the Bachelor of Ministry, the Bachelor of Theology is a flexible degree that offers you a grounding in the foundational disciplines of theological studies, together a broad range of other options that include pastoral practice, missiology, leadership.

Students also have the option to study units that are of personal interest without being enrolled in a full course. To know more about your options you can contact us at +61 3 9847 5400 or register your interest and we will be in touch with you.