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MDiv Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is a primary theological degree for students with a degree in another area.

The Master of Divinity enables students to apply an advanced body of knowledge in divinity and its associated disciplines in ministry contexts. Students broaden their knowledge and skills to prepare them for professional practice and further learning.

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  • DurationThree years full-time or up to nine years part-time
  • Structure18 postgraduate units, including 1 capstone or research unit
  • Fees$2,400 per unit
  • Admission CriteriaSuccessful completion of an undergraduate degree.
  • Admission DatesAdmissions for first semester 2018 close on Friday 16 February 2018. Admissions for second semester 2018 close on Friday 20 July 2018.

The Master of Divinity is an AQF Level 9 Masters Degree. It is
- fully accredited through the University of Divinity
- qualifies for Austudy and FEE-HELP assistance
- available to overseas students (CRICOS Code 042692G)
- available online and on campus

Research Units, Research Essay and Research Project units are available. Any plans to do such units must be discussed with the Dean at least two months prior to commencement.

The Salvation Army personnel may be eligible for finanacial assistance through the Course Assistance Board (CAB). Interested applicants should submit a signed CAB Form to All submitted CAB forms must be signed by the line manager/division to demonstrate the support of the applicant's department/corps/division. 

Application for the Master of Divinity is made to the Registrar. The Registrar can be contacted on +61 3 9847 5432 and by email at

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Master of Divinity summary information (opens to the external University of Divinity site)



Semester 1

  • BA9392B Eighth Century Prophets

  • BA9792B Eighth Century Prophets

  • BN8301B Interpreting the New Testament

  • BN8701B Interpreting the New Testament

  • CT8301B Introduction to Christian Theology

  • CT8701B Introduction to Christian Theology

  • CT9295B Salvation Today

  • CT9296B Foundations of the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition

  • CT9795B Salvation Today

  • CT9796B Foundations of the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition

  • DA8106B Vocational Formation in Social and Community Services

  • DA9121B Supervised Theological Field Education

  • DL8198B Worship and Preaching: Essentials

  • DL8798B Worship and Preaching: Essentials

  • DM8113B Mission Foundations

  • DM8713B Mission Foundations

  • DP9305B Critical Theological Reflection: Context, Voices and Processes

  • DT9194B Christian Ethics: Theories, Themes and Issues

Semester 2

  • BA8391B Interpreting the Hebrew Bible

  • BA9123B Deutero-Isaiah

  • BA9723B Deutero-Isaiah

  • BN9396B A Narrative Study of the Gospel of Mark

  • CH8291B Introduction to Church History

  • CH8791B Introduction to Church History

  • CH9125B Christianity in Australian History

  • CH9725B Christianity in Australian History

  • CT8722B Critical Thinking for Theology

  • CT9726B Christ and Salvation

  • DA8108B Vocational Formation in Faith Communities

  • DA9193B Social and Community Services 1

  • DA9793B Social and Community Services 1

  • DP8195B Leadership: Task and Challenge

  • DP8304B Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

  • DP8704B Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

  • DP8795B Leadership: Task and Challenge

  • DS8193B An Introduction to Spiritual Formation

Graduates who have completed a Research Essay at a specified standard may be eligible for admission to a higher degree by research.

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