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Course Fees

2019 undergraduate and postgraduate units 

All fees are in Australian dollars.

Fee for one standard unit

One standard undergraduate unit - $1,584.00
One standard postgraduate unit - $2,448.00

Higher Degree Research (HDR) fee for one semester

Minor Thesis - $4,080.00
Major Thesis -  $5,712.00
Doctorate - $8,544.00

Fee for one audit unit (non-credit study)

Undergraduate - $500.00 
Postgraduate - $500.00

Non-credit study is for students who wish to study a unit but not participate in formal assessments. (If you later wish to gain credit in this unit you will need to repeat the unit).

Fees are consistent for domestic and international students. International students are charged a seperate application fee of $300 (plus GST) upon enrolment.

The fees for undergraduate and postgraduate units are determined by the University of Divinity whose awards are delivered by Eva Burrows College. 

Fees are reviewed by the University every year and may increase in 2020.

Students who meet eligibility criteria may be eligible for AUSTUDY and FEE-HELP assistance. 

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