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Make your mark and become an officer of The Salvation Army, where mission and ministry combine for a life of fulfilling service to those who need it most

Officership, refers to the period of active service of an officer, who is an ordained minister of The Salvation Army. People who decide to commit their lives to the service of God through The Salvation Army undergo two years training at Booth College to be commissioned for officership.

As the education arm of The Salvation Army, Booth College trains and develops the character and capacity of its officers to become empowering spiritual leaders who impact the world with Jesus Christ’s mission, compassion and love.

Who is a Salvation Army officer?

A Salvation Army officer has committed their life to God and offered themselves to God for service and ministry within The Salvation Army. An officer is a full-time minister of religion, trained and commissioned (ordained) by The Salvation Army and  is committed to the wider vision of The Salvation Army - saving souls, growing saints and serving suffering humanity - and chooses to live that out in their appointed roles within the Army.

Why become a Salvation Army officer?

A Salvation Army officer is someone who wants to be a change agent in the world today by making a difference in the lives of people and bringing about change to communities by living out God’s mission, compassion and love. This form of spiritual leadership covers an amazing variety of roles from corps officership (leading a local congregation) through to chaplaincy and social services.

Some describe it as a “calling”, that deep sense that God is calling you out of one vocation to another and for some the calling is to full-time ministry as a Salvation Army officer.

If you are thinking of becoming an officer, we would ask you to inquire of the Lord: through His word, His Holy Spirit and the counsel of the wise.  Is this something he is calling you to?

How does Booth College equip you for a life of an officer in The Salvation Army?

While The Salvation Army is a church movement called to action, we hold in high regard the need for trained clergy. Hence every person accepted to become an officer has to undergo two years of training which includes spiritual formation, ministry formation and theological formation.

The School for Officer Training within Booth College solely focuses on training people to become effective officers.  During the two years, the school facilitates the growth of their relationship and understanding of God through personal devotions, small groups and corporate worship. Programs and mission trips allow for practical involvement and leadership development while the students (called cadets) study at Booth College to graduate with an undergraduate degree as part of their theological formation.

Become an officer

Being a Salvation Army officer is not for the faint-hearted and requires commitment, faith, leadership, vision, a tight relationship with God and a willingness to "go wherever and do whatever" for God. Make your mark and become an officer of The Salvation Army, where mission and ministry combine for a life of fulfilling service to those who need it most.

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