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EBC Intensives

June Winter Intensives 2018

A Narrative Study of the Gospel of Mark
Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

Intensives are a great opportunity to complete units outside of the usual semesters. You can finish your award faster, spread your study load more evenly through the year and free up time for other activities or learning during the semester.

In June, Eva burrows College is offering two great Intensives at our Melbourne campus. The Intensives are delivered as a 36 hour Intensive unit.

A Narrative Study of the Gospel of Mark

BN3396B | BN9396B
Date : 12 – 22 June
Lecturer : Lieut.-Colonel Dr Geoff Webb

This unit provides an exploration of the various narrative approaches to the Gospel according to Mark. This unit will appeal to the critical and evaluative student. It covers narrative criticism, reading strategies, hermeneutics, and literary tools as a means for a more detailed approach to the Gospel according to Mark.

Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

DP1304B | DP8304B
Date : 18 – 23 June
Lecturer : Major Dr Christine Unicomb

This unit provides a foundational for pastoral theology and pastoral ministry. It is designed for people who are already involved in aspects of pastoral ministry or those who would like to become involved in pastoral ministry and pastoral care. This unit introduces students to pastoral ministry and its theological foundations, the place of pastoral care within the church community, and practical implementations for the local context.

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