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Non Accredited Courses

Enriching short courses for personal and professional development

Eva Burrows College from time to time provides valuable learning through it's non accredited courses. The courses are delivered in response to The Salvation Army, community and industry needs. The courses meet high standards, are practical with ideal class sizes, and are delivered by trained and experienced professionals.

Self-enrichment and academic exploration audit courses

Higher education units delivered at Eva Burrows College are available assessment free to all. So if you are interested in learning more about the Bible, Christian leasdership, discipleship, mission, cross-cultural ministry, worship, preaching or any other Christian focus area for self-enrichment and academic exploration, you can email the Registrar at for information.

You can enrol in any of the units as an audit student. This means that you can join a learning group without participating in tutorials, fulfilling any practical requirements, undertaking assignments or examinations but benefit from the knowledge and interactive teaching of experienced College faculty. You can pursue learning in your area of interest without the hassle of academic committments.