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XT9131B Capstone Unit: Wesleyan Thought and Practice

  • Unit Code & NameXT9131B Capstone Unit: Wesleyan Thought and Practice
  • DescriptionThis unit is offered to students as an opportunity to integrate their previous learning through cross-disciplinary engagement.

    Students are given the opportunity to engage in Wesleyan theological reflection through the construction of an integrative essay in association with a supervising member of staff and in dialogue with fellow students and other members of the teaching staff. Four compulsory interdisciplinary seminars will be run across the semester at which students present their research findings and are helped to shape their final integrative paper.
  • Unit Points15
  • LevelPostgraduate Capstone
  • Semester1, 2019
  • Delivery ModeClass
  • Lecturer(s) Reverend Associate Professor Glen O'Brien
  • PrerequisitesMay only be taken in the final two semesters of study
  • Learning ActivitiesSeminars, interdisciplinary conversations, and research supervision
  • Assessments1 x 6,000 word integrative essay shaped by attendance at seminars and showing evidence of interaction with seminar participants - 100%
  • Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

    1. Articulate the nature of Wesleyan theological discourse
    2. Integrate their previous learning across at least two fields
    3. Compare and synthesise complex theological ideas
    4. Plan and execute a substantial theological statement that draws upon Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience as mutually supporting sources
    5. Interact with the ideas and thoughts of others in a collaborative manner.