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Reverend Associate Professor Glen O'Brien

Glen O'Brien -  EBC Associate Professor

Research Coordinator / Lecturer

BTh (Kingsley), MA Biblical Studies (Kingsley), MA Theological Studies (Asbury), PhD (La Trobe) 

Glen O’Brien has been on the College teaching staff since 2009, having formerly served at Booth College, Sydney, as Head of Humanities and Head of Theology. He is a Uniting Church minister in the Yarra Yarra Presbytery with a placement to full-time theological education in The Salvation Army. As Research Coordinator at Eva Burrows College he administers the University of Divinity’s Higher Degrees by Research offered through the College as well as lecturing in Christian History and Theology, specialising in Wesleyan studies. He is Chair of the Research Committee of the University of Divinity and a Deputy Chair of Examiners in the University. He is also a Member of the University of Divinity’s Research in Religion and Social Policy Network, Vice-President of the Religious History Association, President of the Uniting Church National History Society, a Research Fellow of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research (ACWR), an Honorary Fellow of the Manchester (UK) Wesley Research Centre, Member of the Australian Historical Association, and Member of the American Academy of Religion.

A graduate of Kingsley College (Bachelor Theology and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies), Asbury Theological Seminary (Master of Arts Theological Studies) and La Trobe University (PhD in History), Glen has engaged in postdoctoral research on John Wesley’s political writings at Duke Divinity School (2011), Asbury Theological Seminary (2013), and Oxford Brookes University (2014). He continued that research as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Manchester Wesley Research Centre for six weeks in the summer of 2015, and was elected a Member of the Oxford Institute for Methodist Theological Studies in 2013 and 2018.

He has published widely on Wesleyan and Methodist themes, including two volumes in the Ashgate Methodist Studies Series, many articles and book reviews in scholarly journals including The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, The Journal of Religious History, Methodist Review, Wesley and Methodist Studies, and the Wesleyan Theological Journal, as well as contributing numerous chapters to edited collections. He is currently writing a full length monograph on John Wesley's political writings.

Glen is co-supervising five doctoral students and is available for further supervision in the fields of Wesleyan thought, Methodist history, the Holiness Movement, Australian religious history, eighteenth-century studies, Trinitarian theology, or the doctrine of sanctification. 

Areas of Expertise 

  • Wesley Studies
  • Methodist History
  • History of Evangelicalism
  • Eighteenth-century Religion and Politics
  • Australian Religious History
  • The Trinity and the Doctrine of Sanctification


Associate Professor Glen O’Brien is currently co-supervising five PhD candidates on a range of topics including the worship life of Jesus, the role of social constructionism in theological beliefs, post-independence proliferations of prophets in Ghana, gender inequality in The Salvation Army, and Catherine Clibborn-Booth (‘la Maréchale’) as a preacher whose work subverted male authority.

He has also recently supervised Minor Theses and Research Essays on such topics as  Methodist lay preaching in the Port Phillip District from 1830-1855, collaboration with dialogue partners to communicate the gospel in a ‘post-truth’ world, the gap between belief and practice in The Salvation Army’s inclusion of LGBTQI persons, and the use of catechesis as a preventative factor in disaffiliation from Eastern Orthodox Christianity.


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