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Leadership in a Changing World

Free Leadership Course Now Available

This six-module Leadership Course is designed to be completed quickly and will provide learners with a taste of what it would be like to study in the field of leadership. This specially written material will equip you with essential tools as a leader in an ever-changing world.

Module 1 Self Leadership

Module 1: Self Leadership

Become more self-aware as a leader, with the help of an Emotional Intelligence Quiz and the Centre for Creative Leadership ‘Eight steps to Becoming More Resilient.’

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Module 2 Self Management

Module 2: Self-Management

Learn to manage your tasks and responsibilities with ease and efficiency. Discover how to prioritise, respond quickly, and get things done.

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Module 3 Leadership Styles

Module 3: Leadership Styles

What is the best style of leadership in your current environment? What leadership framework will work best? Discover more about the different kind of leaders and how to adapt.

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Module 4 Leading Remote Teams

Module 4: Leading Remote Teams

How do you lead from a distance? How do you remain connected whilst you're separated? Learn skills and techniques for leading others remotely.

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Module 5 Leading with Mission and Purpose

Module 5: Leading with Mission and Purpose

What is your purpose? What is your team’s purpose? Where are you heading? Discover the importance of leading with mission and purpose for the sake of a common goal.

 Module 5

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Available 7 July
Module 6 Communication and Conflict

Module 6: Communication and Conflict

Leading well will inevitably involve conflict at some point and how you respond to it is the key. Develop skills in communication and conflict management and resolution so that you can lead well.

 Module 6

Coming Soon

Available 14 July


Anyone looking to lead well during these uncertain times can now access these six modules at their own pace, and best of all these modules are available at no cost to you.  So, act now and begin this Free Online Leadership Course today and learn how to lead well in our ever-changing world.

Download Module 1 on Self Leadership today.

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