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DM3118B Mission in an Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Australia

  • Unit Code & NameDM3118B Mission in an Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Australia
  • Description

    This unit examines the cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary Australia and explores the implications of that complexity for mission. Students will explore the development of a contextual theology, which will support a culturally and ethnically diverse church. The unit will consider biblical, theological, pastoral and sociological frameworks for effective mission in this evolving context, noting critical issues for mission. Models of ministry that have been used by the church in ministry across cultures will be critically examined.

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  • DisciplineDelivery ID: 45008
  • LevelUndergraduate 3
  • Semester4. Semester 2, 2022
  • Delivery ModeOnline
  • Date

    25 July to 28 October 2022

    Video conference sessions via Microsoft Teams will be held on the following dates from 7.00 to 8.30 pm:

    • 25 July 2022
    • 15 August 2022
    • 5 September 2022
    • 26 September 2022
    • 17 October 2022

    Other online sessions as agreed if deemed necessary.

    We recommend that you allocate 9 hours a week for all study activities.

  • Lecturer(s) Captain Colin Reynolds
  • Prerequisites

    36 points in Field D with 18 from DM or DP

  • Learning Activities

    Lectures, Workshops, Tutorials, Field Visits, Guest lecturers from congregations successfully engaging with ethnic and cultural diversity will be used in workshop settings to assist in delivery of classes.

    *This unit is offered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Students may engage with people across both levels when this unit is delivered.

  • Assessments

    1 x 3,000 word essay on mission to an ethnically and diverse Australia - 60%

    1 x 2,000 word tutorial paper on topic chosen from a set list of topics connected to mission to an ethnically and culturally diverse Australia - 40%

  • Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

    1.  Examine and articulate an understanding of the ethnic and cultural diversity that is present in contemporary Australia and the implications of this diversity for mission and ministry.

    2.  Assess the challenges faced by people who are from an ethnically and culturally diverse heritage as they adapt to the Australian context.

    3.  Critically evaluate existing models of how the church has responded to mission among such diversity.

    4.  Identify critical biblical, theological and pastoral issues relevant to ministry with people from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

    5.  Synthesise a biblically consistent framework that incorporates theological and social analysis for ministry to ethnically and culturally diverse people and construct a model for ministry.

  • Text Books

    To undertake this unit, you are required to have access to a copy of:

    DeYmaz, Mark. Building a healthy multi-ethnic church: Mandate, commitments and practices of a diverse congregation. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2007. Available as an eBook at EBC Libarary catalogue and UD Library Hub.