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DL8198B Worship and Preaching: Essentials

  • Unit Code & NameDL8198B Worship and Preaching: Essentials
  • Description

    This unit is designed to give the student an introduction to the theology and practice of public ministry in a local church setting. Attention is given to the development of skills and conceptual understanding that will support the development of effective worship leading and preaching.

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  • DisciplineDelivery ID: 44992
  • LevelPostgraduate Foundational
  • Semester1. Summer School, 2022
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • Date

    This unit is running as a split intensive.

    Admission closes Friday, 28 January 2022

    7 - 11 February 2022 (Week 1) The first week of the intensive will be run as livestreamed online classes. Please ensure that you attend theses live online classes.

         Monday, 7 February - 9.15 am to 4.45 pm

         Tuesday, 8 February - 9.15 am to 4.45 pm

         Wednesday, 9 February - 9.15 am to 12.45 pm

         Thursday, 10 February - 9.15 am to 4.45 pm

         Friday, 11 February - 9.15 am to 12.45 pm


    14 February to 6 May 2022 (Weeks 2-13) online only

    1 hour weekly Zoom coaching for assessments (time to be determined with cohort, Fridays preferred)


  • Lecturer(s) Major Dr Grant Sandercock-Brown | Major Dr Laithe Greenaway
  • Prerequisites


  • Learning Activities

    *This unit is offered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Students may engage with people across both levels when this unit is delivered.

  • Assessments

    1 x 1,500 word integrative essay on worship traditions - 25%

    1 x 1,500 word annotated worship plan - 25%

    1 x 3,000 word sermon and critique - 50%

  • Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

    1.  Compare and analyse different worship traditions assessing their distinctives, strengths and weaknesses.

    2.  Identify key components of a worship service and the relationship of these components to the overall structure.

    3.  Develop and articulate a theology of worship and preaching.

    4.  Apply and evaluate appropriate methods for sermon design.

    5.  Create a sermon for use in a congregational setting and defend its effectiveness from homiletical principles.

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