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Carolyn Joy

Carolyn Joy - Financial Counsellor / Facilitator and Assessor

Financial Counsellor / Facilitator and Assessor

Diploma of Financial Counselling, Advanced Certificate in Managing Social and Community Services, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Member of FCA (Financial Counselling Australia), an Affiliate member of FCAQ (Financial Counselling Association of Queensland)


Carolyn is the Facilitator and Assessor for the Diploma of Financial Counselling, Financial Literacy Education Skill Set and Problem Gambling Skill Set.

Carolyn is a financial counsellor who has specialised in problem gambling issues for over 10 years. She has had the pleasure of assisting individuals and families in financial distress for over 22 years and enjoys working in community education and as a trainer of financial counsellors and financial literacy workers.

Carolyn has mostly worked in Victoria and Queensland but has also worked as a trainer in the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania. She has spoken at the South Australian Financial Counsellor’s conference. Her extensive experience means she has insight and knowledge into the sort of challenges workers face in the various locations of Australia.

Over the years, Carolyn has seen many changes in what the average person needs to do to keep track of household finances. For those who are in a vulnerable state and also lack funds, their only hope is the financial counsellor or the financial literacy worker.

Gambling behaviour and habits present arguably the greatest challenge to sorting out a financial mess. Those who are adversely affected by another’s gambling behaviour will be remembered amongst some of the most challenging cases the financial counsellor or financial literacy will encounter.

It is her pleasure to continue to work to assist the most vulnerable in our society and to be involved in assisting those who are, or will be, in the ‘frontline’ of this most important work. Carolyn looks forward to meeting you, if not in person, at least online and she commends you for choosing this area of study and hopes you enjoy it.