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Online Units

The Online units are accredited through the University of Divinity. 
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2018 First Semester 

Eighth Century Prophets
BA27292B | BA3792B | BA9792B


Foundations of the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition
CT2796B | CT3796B | CT9796B


Human Rights and Faith: An Introduction


Interpreting the New Testament
BN1701B | BN8701B 


Introduction to Christian Theology
CT1701B | CT8701B 


Leadership in a Missional Context
DM3705B | DM9705B | DP3705B | DP9705B

Cross coded to DP Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies


Mission Foundations
DM1713B | DM8713B 


Paul and Leadership in the Early Church
BN2795B | BN3795B  


Salvation Today
CT2795B | CT3795B | CT9795B


The Book of Psalms
BA2703B | BA3703B 


Worship and Preaching Essentials
DL1798B DL8798B | DA1798B | DA8798B

Cross coded to DA Mission and Ministry


Youth Ministry: Mission to Youth in a 21st Century Australian Context
DM2720B | DM3720B | DP2720B | DP3720B

Cross coded to DP Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies


Second Semester  

A Narrative Study of the Gospel of Mark
BN3796B | BN9796B 


Children's Ministry
DP2703B | DP3703B | DP9703B | DM2703B | DM3703B | DM9703B

Cross coded to DM Missiology


Christ and Salvation
CT27266B | CT3726B | CT9726B


Christianity in Australian History
CH2725B | CH3725B | CH9725B


Critical Thining for Theology
CT1722B | CT8722B | AP1722B | AP8722B 

 Cross coded to AP Philosophy


BA2723B | BA3723B | BA9723B


Insights from the Ages: Spirituality, Mission and Leadership
DS2727B | DS3727B | DS9727B


Interpreting the Hebrew Bible
BA1791B | BA8791B


Introduction to Church History
CH1791B | CH8791B


Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry
DP1704B | DP8704B


Johannine Literature: Narratives and Perspectives
BN2797B | BN3797B | BN9797B


Leadership: Task and Challenge
DP2795B | DP3795B | DP8795B | DA2795B | DA3795B | DA8795B

Cross coded to DA Mission and Ministry


Mission in an Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Australia
DM2718B | DM3718B | DP2718B | DP3718B 

Cross coded to DP Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies


Social and Community Services 1
DA2793B | DA3793B | DA9793B 


Social and Community Services 2
DA2794B | DA3794B | DA9794B 


Our online units delivered under the accreditation of the University of Divinity uses the Moodle Learning Management System ARK. Online units give you the flexibility to study from anywhere at anytime, allowing you to schedule study around your lifestyle.

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