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BN9396B A Narrative Study of the Gospel of Mark

  • Unit Code & NameBN9396B A Narrative Study of the Gospel of Mark
  • DescriptionThis unit offers the opportunity to study various narrative approaches to Mark's Gospel. Students will explore the literary conventions and devices used by Mark, including characterization, dialogue and the use of irony.

    The unit examines reader-response methods, structuralist and post-structuralist readings and ideological approaches to the text.
  • FieldB - Biblical Studies
  • DisciplineBN - New Testament
  • LevelPostgraduate
  • Semester2, 2018
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • DateJune 12 - 22 | 100 Maidstone St, Ringwood
  • Prerequisites15 points of BN at level 8 or equivalent
  • Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

    1. Display evidence of research skills in the area of narrative criticism.
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of the major narrative devices employed in Mark.
    3. Assess the debate concerning Markan genre
    4. Articulate a range of reading strategies in relation to Mark's gospel.
    5. Critically evaluate the hermeneutical foundations of relevant approaches to gospel studies within literary critical theory.
    6. Demonstrate the effective use of literary critical tools in the exegesis of specific Markan texts in a critically rigorous, sustained and self-directed manner.