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Dr Arseny Ermakov

Dr Arseny Ermakov - Senior Lecturer at Eva Burrows College

Senior Lecturer

BTh (St. Petersburg Christian University, Russia), MA (University of Pretoria, South Africa), PhD (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)


Prior to joining the college in 2011, Arseny Ermakov taught courses at European Nazarene College and Nazarene Theological College (UK) at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has also briefly served as a pastor at St. Petersburg Church of the Nazarene, Russia. In collaboration with Andrew Brower Latz, he has recently published an edited volume called Purity: Essays in Bible and Theologyand is currently working on The Gospel of Matthew: A Commentary in Wesleyan Tradition for New Beacon Bible Commentary Series in cooperation with Robert Snow.  

His primary research interests lay in the area of holiness and purity discourse in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity as reflected in the light of new approaches to the study of ancient religions and linguistics. He also has an interest in post-structuralist methods of interpretation, the issues of multivoicedness in biblical traditions, readings of modern ideologies and cultures the light of scriptural hermeneutics, and the issues of post- and trans-humanism and the Bible. The issues of effective teaching and learning in biblical studies have also taken an important place in his thinking and practice. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, British New Testament Society, Wesleyan Theological Society and the Centre for the Study of Early Christianity (Australia). He is also a Research Fellow of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research. 

Areas of Expertise

Holiness and purity in the Bible and the Ancient World
Post-structuralist approaches to biblical interpretation
Biblical Theology
The Gospel of Mark


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