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DM9193B Social and Community Mission 1

  • Unit Code & NameDM9193B Social and Community Mission 1
  • DescriptionThis unit will explore the theology and practice of social and community services as an expression of holistic Christian mission.

    Structural disadvantage and social issues will be examined, particularly as they relate to the delivery of contemporary social services in an Australian context. A community development framework will be applied and utilised to address complex social needs, ensuring theological, ethical and practical issues are considered.
  • FieldD - Theology: Mission and Ministry
  • DisciplineDM - Missiology
  • Unit Points24
  • LevelPostgraduate Elective
  • Semester2, 2020
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • DateJune 15-26, online delivery Monday to Friday plus a 1hr Zoom class (compulsory) at 1.00pm each day.
  • Lecturer(s) Dr Wilma Gallet
  • Prerequisites24 points post-graduate foundational in Field D, or equivalent
  • Learning Activities*This unit is offered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Students may engage with people across both levels when this unit is delivered.
  • AssessmentsOne 2,500 word tutorial paper - 40%
    One 4,500 word essay - 60%
  • Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

    1. Analyse a theological basis for Christian engagement in social service provision
    2. Articulate a broad understanding of structural disadvantage in a range of contemporary Australian social issues
    3. Discuss some of the ethical concerns that are associated with the delivery of social and community services
    4. Analyse ways in which a commitment to social justice can be practically demonstrated using a specific model
    5. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of community development principles in planning, managing and evaluating social and community services
    6. Discuss the historical development of welfare services in Australia and the role played by church charities and Christian faith-based welfare agencies.