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Cathy Elkington

Sessional Lecturer

Bachelor of Nursing (RMIT 1994), Ad Dip SA Min (1997), Masters of Spirituality (2020 JCS)

Cathy Elkington has a heart for drawing alongside people that they may grow in their connection with God, their understanding of themselves, and how they live out their personal mission in the world.  Cathy is a Pastoral Supervisor and Spiritual Director. She has been a congregational minister for 20 years with The Salvation Army, and more recently, has been running spiritual retreats and supervising those preparing for ordained ministry. With an undergraduate degree in Nursing, she takes a wholistic view of wellbeing and formation.

As a Coach Consultant with Pastors in Ministry, Cathy is passionate about coming alongside Pastors to grow their health in ministry, and the health of their congregation, so that the Kingdom of God will flourish on earth. Cathy will lead Pastors on a journey of understanding themselves, their connection with the Divine, and how they live that out in the world through the church.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pastoral Supervision
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Vocational Identity
  • Spirituality and Personality
  • Leading Spiritual Retreats
  • Prayer
  • Contemplative Practices
  • Spiritual Formation

Member of

  • Australian Association of Supervisors
  • Australian Network of Spiritual Directors