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School for Officer Training

Developing empowered Salvation Army officers who know God, know themseleves and know their mission

The School for Officer Training is about called people dedicating two years of their life to be trained for a lifetime of ministering the gospel. It is intense and challenging, purpose built and designed, evolving and exciting. And it is deeply rewarding.


The School for Officer Training facilitates environments for the formation of individuals as Salvation Army officers of Christlike character who are innovative leaders, Spirit led and functionally equipped for current and emerging contexts, who love God, understand themselves and live God's mission. 


The School's philosophy is that the training of cadets for Salvation Army officership should produce officers who

Know God
Know themselves and
Know their mission

Such training is based on the belief that there are three dimensions which need to be integrated to achieve effective officer formation.  Training therefore needs to facilitate the ability to:

Become – through spiritual formation
Understand – through theological and academic endeavour
Act – through ministry skills development

This leads to the three areas of formation in the training program

Spiritual Maturity
Theological Understanding
Ministry Skills

What we do

The School partners with you facilitating and offering an environment of growth by building a relationship and understanding of God through personal devotions, small groups and corporate worship. two-stage training program, placements and mission trips. The learning environment allows for practical ministry involvement and leadership development as the cadets study at Eva Burrows College School for Mission and Theology to graduate with either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree  as part of their theological and educational formation. 

Cadets can train through the School's residential program where cadets stay at the Melbourne campus or they can continue in ministry and learn as Cadets in Appointment (CIA).

Training Program

Spiritual and Personal Formation:

Our focus is upon deepening your self-knowledge as well as your responsiveness to the gracious presence of God in your life and your practice of key spiritual disciplines. A range of opportunities (from class based to experiential practices to personal reflection) will all contribute to this process.

Theological and Educational Formation:

Our focus is upon developing a required level of educational and theological literacy. Key educational units will help you to develop the broad theoretical foundation which will serve as the building blocks for your future learning, intentional reflection, and practice of mission and ministry.

Mission and Ministry Formation:

Our focus is upon engaging with a variety of mission and ministry opportunities and contexts to apply learning in practice. Though it is a learning environment the opportunities for mission and ministry are in real settings and will be a key element of training.

Explore the Calling

If God has called you to full time ministry in The Salvation Army, then that calling includes the School for Officer Training(SFOT). Know more about officership and the dedicated team who will empower and encourage you to live out God's mission. 

Read what Rachel Knight from Joyful Intercessors session has to say about her journey to become an officer. 

location 100 Maidstone Street, Ringwood Melbourne 
phone +61 3 9847 5400 / +61 2 9502 1777

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