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Overseas Students

Invest in quality education and life skills by living and learning in a vibrant community and city

The best place to continue your learning is with us at Eva Burrows College. Our Australian campuses for overseas students are located at Ringwood in Melbourne and NSW Central Coast Berkeley Vale. 

Australia is one of the world’s most liveable places and is built on welcoming people from different countries and cultures. Our climate, stunning landmarks, outdoor lifestyle, diverse cuisine, vibrant community and high education standards will heighten your living and learning experience. 

Eva Burrows College is The Salvation Army's education centre in Australia. Our higher education courses are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The registration guarantees that the courses meet the high standards expected by overseas students.

What can Eva Burrows College offer you?

Higher Education

We offer you a range of courses and delivery options so you can choose what, where and how you want to study.

Online degrees

Students based outside of Australia can enrol full-time and study online. The following undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are available for overseas students to study:

Diploma in Theology 075250F
Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry 075251E
Bachelor of Ministry 077753M (Vic)
Bachelor of Theology 011489A
Graduate Certificate in Theology 053016J
Graduate Diploma in Theology 045446J
Master of Theological Studies 096386E
Master of Theology 096387D

Our degrees are delivered under the accreditation of the University of Divinity

Most of our higher education awards are offered online so you can study from your country without travelling to Australia and without a student visa.  You can also choose from our online units and study just those topics that are of interest to you.

Important information for overseas students considering an undergraduate/ postgraduate degree 

  • You are an overseas student if: i) you are not an Australian citizen ii) you are not a New Zealand citizen or iii) you do not have full Australian Permanent Resident status.
  • You can only enter and remain in Australia as an overseas student if you hold a valid student visa.
  • Applying for and obtaining a student visa can take considerable time and will vary in different countries.
  • To learn more about the requirements and applying for a student visa you can visit the University of Divinity and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  • Overseas students on a student visa are required to study full time at least one (1) unit face to face every teaching period.
  • The English standard requirement for undergraduate study is an IELTS average across all bands of at least 6.5 with no band under 6.0, and for postgraduate study an average across all bands of at least 7.0, with no band under 6.5.  For more information see the English Language Requirements Policy.
  • It is a requirement that overseas students have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their studies in Australia, prior to applying for a student visa.
  • Overseas students can commence studies in Semester 1 or Semester 2 each year. To allow time for processing of applications and for the Australian government to issue the appropriate visa, the closing dates for applications is 15 November for Semester 1 and 15 April for Semester 2. 
  • Fees are consistent for domestic and overseas students. Overseas students are charged a separate application fee of AUD$300 (plus GST) upon enrolment. 
  • Payment of fees must be made in advance. Overseas students can pay in their home currency through the Western Union Business Solutions.
  • To make an application to study with Eva Burrows College the three key steps are (1) Students to make an application for admission (2) Students to receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and (3) Use the COE to lodge an online student visa application. More details visit the University of Divinity.
  • New students commencing study must be present in person at Eva Burrows College at least two weeks before the first day of semester.
  • More information is available on education services, admission and enrolment forms, overseas student sponsor statement and other student resources on the overseas student resources page on the University of Divinity site.


Learn more about studying in Australia 

If admitted to Eva Burrows College and granted entry into Australia, overseas students are subject to the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000. These include:

  • Providing Eva Burrows College with accurate contact details (including Australian residential address, telephone or mobile number and email) and providing notification of any change to this information. Automatic visa cancellation could occur without the knowledge of the student. if contact details are not current.
  • Information provided to Eva Burrows College may be made available to Australian Federal and State Government authorities.

For more information about studying in Australia, explore the following resources;

What support will Eva Burrows College provide you?

We care for people. We offer you smaller classes for personal support and provide a range of services that will help you feel at home and enable you to study well.