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Study Skills Micro Unit

Studying after a long break or engaging in a new field of study like Divinity/Theology can be challenging. EBC wants every student to succeed and flourish in their studies. So, following consultation with students and faculty concerning how to best support new students, EBC has established a compulsory study skills micro unit. It consists of three (3) topics that will take approximately two (2) hours for you to complete.

You will be able to access the micro unit once your enrolment is processed. The micro unit requires completion by the end of the third teaching week of the semester. As this unit is not for credit, it has no fee and will not appear on your academic transcript.  Exemptions are at the discretion of the Coursework Coordinator or delegate.

Who needs to do the unit?

All students new to Eva Burrows College who have not completed an award with the University of Divinity.

Content of the study skills micro unit

Each topic has been developed to assist you as you commence studying at EBC. You will learn how to use ARK in preparation for your first unit. You will also be given opportunities to practice some of the skills that you will need for writing an essay, such as how to reference correctly.

Topic 1 - You will explore what is the reason why you are commencing this journey of study? It can be overwhelming when you first start so you will be given some pointers about where to start.

Topic 2 - Writing an assignment in theology can be quite daunting. This topic will help you with how to go about writing an essay. You will find out how to express yourself using academic language, how to structure an essay, and how to comprehend theological writing.

Topic 3 - This topic will help you to read effectively to source information for your assignments. You will learn good note taking skills and how to write a footnote and bibliography correctly. You will also be shown how to avoid plagiarism pitfalls.

What if I don't complete the study skills micro unit?

You will be given access to the study skills micro unit as soon as your enrolment has been processed. The unit will need to be completed before the third week of the teaching period. If you do not complete the micro unit will not be able to access new material on ARK for your classes until the micro unit has been completed.


We hope completing this study skills micro unit will set you up for successful life-long learning in the field of theology.