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Critical Thinking for Theology

This foundational unit, in the field of Christian Thought and History, introduces students to the skills of critical thinking and writing for use in the study of theology and related disciplines. It is designed to equip the student in the evaluation and construction of theological ideas through the appropriation of the principles of logic and reasoning. The skills developed will include the analysis and construction of sound arguments, identifying and avoiding logical fallacies, writing with clarity, and distinguishing between weak sense and strong sense critical thinking.



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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • Describe the nature of logic and argument.
  • Identify and construct deductively valid conclusions.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to theological research and essay writing.
  • Show basic skills in the construction and evaluation of arguments.


Major Adam Couchman has been teaching since 2008. He has held various appointments at Eva Burrows College in both the School for Officer Training and School for Christian Studies. He is both a lecturer and alumni of Eva Burrows College; having completed his undergraduate degree through the college in 2005. Adam is currently working towards his PhD through the University of Divinity where his research is engaged in the theological interpretation of Scripture; specifically, Jesus Christ as a worshipper.

Mode of Delivery

This unit is delivered online on ARK, the Learning Management System for all our higher education study. Login details for this unit will be accessible to students on confirmation of enrolment into an award or the unit.


To study online, you will need to find around 3 to 4 hours per week for readings, activities and assessments for each unit. To learn more visit our Online Campus page.


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Unit Costs

This undergraduate unit costs approx. $1,704, which is determined by the University of Divinity and reviewed annually. You could also study this unit as a non-award student (audit) at the cost of $500. Non-credit study is for students who wish to study a unit but not participate in formal assessments. Fees are consistent for domestic and international students. International students are charged a separate application fee of $300 (plus GST) upon enrolment. Students who meet eligibility criteria may be eligible for AUSTUDY and FEE-HELP assistance. 

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