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Generational Ministry

Discover the similarities and differences among generations today and how you can effectively minister to each. Focusing on three distinct generational ministries; children, youth and seniors this specialisation explores how to ministry within and across generational lines.

2020 Units


Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

Semester 1, 2020
Study Mode: Online or Classroom

This unit provides an introductory framework for pastoral theology and ministry. Biblical and theological foundations for pastoral ministry and pastoral care are explored. People helping skills and practice are reviewed through the lens of pastoral ministry. Students will be helped to develop their understanding of self and others through structured experiences and reflection.

Major Dr Christine Unicomb

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  • DP1704B - Undergraduate Unit, Online
  • DP1304B - Undergraduate Unit, Classroom
  • DP8704B - Postgraduate Unit, Online
  • DP8304B - Postgraduate Unit, Classroom