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Futurism and Theology

The rate of technological change appears to be opening toward a future in which the uniqueness of human beings as rational creatures may undergo a shift. Explore the biblical, theological, ethical, philosophical, and practical implications of the emerging and future technologies in this specialisation.

2020 Unit


Futurism and Theology: Key Issues

Semester 2, 2020
Study Mode: Online

This unit introduces students to the specific issues related to current scientific and technological developments, explores their impact upon different spheres of life and engages with major ethical and theological responses. Students will employ the Four Voices model of Theological Action Research developed by Helen Cameron to address a variety of questions related to Artificial Intelligence, robotics, biotech, space exploration, human enhancement, Big Data, surveillance, life extension and beyond. Students will explore these issues through interdisciplinary theological reflection primarily drawing on the frameworks of consequentialist and virtue ethics.

Associate Professor Dr Glen O'Brien 

Dr Arseny Ermakov

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