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Debbie Smyth

Debbie Smyth - Faciliator and Assessor

Facilitator and Assessor

Diploma of Financial Counselling, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Debbie started her career working in a large and busy community services organisation where the majority of the surrounding community were vulnerable consumers living from pay cheque to pay cheque. 

At this time, Debbie was working on a part time basis and completing her university degree in Community Services and International Community Development. After completing her studies Debbie ventured overseas and worked in the same sector for a not for profit. After this six month adventure, Debbie returned home enthusiastic to start helping those in the community who had no one else to turn to for help, in times of difficulty or when needing advice. 

After consulting with a colleague and a workplace mentor, Debbie was offered an opportunity to complete some observations within a financial counselling setting. This opportunity opened the door to the world of financial counselling. Debbie was given the chance to undertake on the job training and work full time in the sector under a fully accredited financial counsellor and supervisor. It was here that her long term career as a financial counsellor began. 

Debbie has worked in the sector for 18 years. In this time she has had varying roles including; financial counsellor, significant roles within the State Association, consumer hardship liaison, managing financial counselling services and supervising and training new and emerging staff in the sector. Debbie is driven by a passion for fairness and equity in the hope that one day we can all be treated and seen as equals.