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Empowering and encouraging you for life, mission and service

Eva Burrows College is The Salvation Army's education and learning centre in Australia. We bring decades of front line experience in social work, community and people services, ministry and mission, and integrate it with our expertise in education.  We aim to produce graduates who resonate with The Salvation Army's vision to transform lives. Our graduates possess essential skills and knowledge and are equipped to apply them in the rapidly changing context of our world. 

Eva Burrows College offers over 30 different degree programs and vocational qualifications as well as general and short courses. We get the competing demands of work, ministry, life and family and so our programs are delivered in a variety of ways to ensure that there are options available for all to study. 

What is new at Eva Burrows College in 2018

Delivering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses under the accreditation of the University of Divinity

The higher education courses of the College are delivered under the accreditation of the University of Divinity, an ecumenical institution with over a hundred years of experience pursuing the highest standards in scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry.

"A national college will provide The Salvation Army with an incredibly strengthened capacity, a stronger faculty and student body, increased capacity for research and the full range of educational levels from diploma to doctorate level." Professor Peter Sherlock, Vice-Chancellor University of Divinity

Delivering an increased and diverse range of units 

The units on offer are diverse, allowing you to choose subjects that are of interest to you and are applicable to your work adding value to your mission and ministry. 

Increased library resources

As a higher education student enroled in a University of Divinity award, you will have complete access to the University's library hub. The hub houses an extensive digital collection that provides the breadth and depth necessary to support and further the teaching and research programs of the College. In addition, all students and library members (membership is open to  all)  can visit our libraries at Ringwood in Melbourne and Bexley North in Sydney for printed resources. The libraries are well resourced and the collections are continuously being developed. Qualified and professional librarians are available at each library to assist you with your research and information needs.

Campuses in Victoria and New South Wales 

Our main campus is now located at Ringwood, Melbourne with additional campuses at Bexley North and Stanmore in Sydney and Berkeley Vale at the NSW Central Coast. 

As a college birthed out of The Salvation Army, we have always been about pushing past boundaries and going to the people – a relentless ambition which has seen the Army’s work spread to 128 countries, transforming lives and communities. This passion to make a difference has shaped our teaching and learning process and outcomes.

Our vision is to build to capacity and capability so that wherever there is hardship or injustice, Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to transform Australia one life at a time with the love of Jesus.

To know more about how we can help you, call us on weekdays at +61 3 9847 5400. You can also email us at