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The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook


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TITLE: The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook 
AUTHOR: Sarah Moore, Colin Neville, Maura Murphy, Cornelia Connolly
PUBLISHER: Open University Press


The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook will help you succeed from the first week of your studies through to graduation.

Covering all the core skills you will need to help you make the most of your university course, The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook is your key to success.

This is the handbook of techniques, tips and exercises.

Written by a team of experts and tested on students, the advice in this book will help you to improve your grades, save time and develop the skills that will make you stand out to prospective employers.

Whichever subject you are studying, this practical and concise book will help you find your individual learning style and tell you exactly what you need to know to excel as a student:

  • Working out the best way for you to learn
  • Doing your research
  • Presentations
  • Revising for exams
  • Improving your critical thinking skills
  • Managing your time