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The Routledge Companion to the Study of Religion (2nd Ed)


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TITLE: The Routledge Companion to the Study of Religion (2nd Ed)
AUTHOR: John Hinnells (ed)
PUBLISHER: Routledge


The Routledge Companion to the Study of Religion is a major resource for courses in Religious Studies. It begins by explaining the most important methodological approaches to religion, including psychology, philosophy, anthropology and comparative study, before moving on to explore a wide variety of critical issues, such as gender, science, fundamentalism, ritual, and new religious movements. Written by renowned international specialists, this new edition:

  • includes eight new chapters, including post-structuralism, religion and economics, religion and the environment, religion and popular culture, and sacred space
  • surveys the history of religious studies and the key disciplinary approaches
  • explains why the study of religion is relevant in today’s world
  • highlights contemporary issues such as globalization, diaspora and politics
  • includes annotated reading lists, a glossary and summaries of key points to assist student learning.