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Travelling from Greece to Australia to be equipped for the future

Every year hundreds of people around the world join The Salvation Army training colleges to prepare for full-time service in the Army, a global Christian church.  How does Booth College partner in this global movement?

Booth College equips people for life, mission and ministry. One of our many programs is a two-year residential training program at our Bexley North campus that prepares these passionate people, called cadets, to be mission-ready for service to God and humanity. The program equips the cadets with a degree qualification and with real practical experience working in the community. The practical experience is diverse, extending from mission trips within Australia and overseas to local collaboration with the school next door bringing the scripture to the children.

Paul and Rachel Anastasio made the long journey from Greece this year to study with Booth College. From the moment they met in their country, they desired to serve God. Like many before them they sought to serve “by trying all different things and ministries to get involved.” Paul said, “when we went to The Salvation Army we felt that God had prepared us for that.”

This was the beginning in some ways of their journey to Booth College in Australia. Their commitment saw officers in Greece prompt Paul and Rachel to enter college to become officers in The Salvation Army.

“We knew it was God’s time to start our beautiful journey into our officership.  We wanted to be educated and equipped to be efficient workers for Him. We knew that entering college to be trained would enlarge our knowledge of the Bible and stretch ourselves at many levels. “

Paul and Rachel believe that training in Australia was always in God’s plan for their life. Still when the decision became a reality and it was time to move from Greece to Australia, it was challenging. “We left back what we knew, our comfort zone, family and friends and took the big leap of faith to be trained here.”

Paul and Rachel have no regrets, as they know that learning at Booth College is transforming their lives. “From the first subjects we had in the college we were impressed with the things we were learning.” The breadth of teaching at Booth College has meant that they are growing in knowledge and understanding and enjoying the combination of biblical, historical, spiritual and practical expressions of the lectures.

“We are enriched with new insights of the Bible and how all these are connected to the ministry today. The experiences we gain being in an Australian multicultural community in the college is unique and precious. We feel that with our time here we gain experience useful and valuable for the future and God’s ministry.”