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Our Stories

Connect with our students, faculty, staff and friends as they share their personal and professional journey at Eva Burrows College.

Major Dr Grant Sandercock-Brown

Transformational Leadership

Lecturer and published author, Major Dr. Grant Sandercock-Brown shares briefly what Transformational Leadership is and the relevance it holds for leaders today.

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Giving back to our communities

Louise shares her learning journey and speaks of how the Rural Financial Counselling electives drew her to this course initially and her opportunity to give something back to our farming communities.
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Welcome to Eva Burrows College

Eva Burrows College has begun it's journey as The Salvation Army's national college in Australia. We look forward to being a part of your journey as we pursue learning together.
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Partnering with God in Fiji

In August, Matt and five cadets traveled to Fiji to connect with the work and people at the Raiwai Corps. The mission trip is part of the two-year cadetship training at the School for Officer Training
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Priceless experience

Carla Munn graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Theology. She describes her learning experience at Booth College as priceless. Watch what she has to say.
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Celebrating Booth College graduate Major Mumali from Kenya West Territory

Booth College is a college for all nations and we seek to advance education opportunities for all.
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Interview with Assoc Prof Glen O'Brien

Learn more about what shaped Glen's life, his teaching, ministry, his views, and much more.
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The family of God is not made up of perfect people

Rachel Knight shares her STUMP experience that played a defining role in her transforming journey at the School for Officer Training.
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Melanie's step of faith

Melanie Tolilalo, 2015 Salvos Discipleship School graduate shares her learning journey having traveled to Australia for the first time from Solomon Islands to enrol for the residential program Furnace
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