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Ebooks collection expanded to resource vocational studies

30 March 2017

Booth College Library is excited to announce that it has expanded its collection with the purchase of 70 Ebooks, from the series, Issues in Society, edited by Justin Healey and published by The Spinney Press.  The topics in the series are current and modern and its focus is very Australian.  The Spinney Press has dubbed this entire series as, news and views on contemporary issues.   This series is used widely across a range of Australian educational facilities, including schools, TAFE colleges, universities and public libraries. 

The titles which feature in the series cover a range of important topics, which affect our modern Australian society.  The books are an ideal place to commence research into specific areas of social, political and ethical debates, and the length of each book is quite short.  They are intended to stimulate thought, discussion and debate as they consider both sides of an issue and its impact on our society.  They are designed to engage students, and encourage them to investigate these issues in greater depth.

The books will be useful for all Booth College students, because the issues that they cover are often a part of vocational courses, especially in the areas of community services, alcohol and other drugs counselling, leadership and management, chaplaincy and financial counselling.  They are also suitable for Higher Education students enrolled in theology and ministry degrees, as they will help develop thinking and stimulate critical analysis in relation to the theological and social impact of these areas and encourage further research.

The data that is contained within the books has been sourced from a range of primary and secondary sources from all areas of society: government departments, journals and magazines, not for profit organisations and lobby groups, and include statistics, photographs, cartoons, illustrations, diagrams, fact sheets and graphs.  The information is intended to be unbiased and well-balanced.  The source of the data contained in the books is always well referenced, which allows students to investigate further.  The last few pages in each title contains a clear index and glossary, a fact sheet and activities for further discussion and learning, and a list of web sites for further investigation.

Because they are available in Ebook format they are easily accessible by any student who has membership with Booth College Library, wherever you are.  They have been supplied by ProQuest, a leading provider of educational Ebook resources.  The books can all be accessed through the library catalogue and a full list of titles will be displayed by performing a search on the editor’s name, Justin Healey.  

In order to secure a ProQuest log in, please click on the web address link to one of these books’ titles, which will take you to the ProQuest Login page.  You can then request your own individual access, with your chosen email address and password.  The request for access will be sent to the library, and the librarians will approve access for registered library members.  This is a one-off process, which then allows you permanent access to the ProQuest Ebooks. 

For further information regarding this wonderful new series, please contact the Booth College Librarians, Samantha and Pam at