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Developing ministry skills

23 February 2017

Ministry skills developed through participation in corps life 

The School for Officer Training facilitates environments for the formation of individuals as Salvation Army officers of Christlike character who are innovative leaders, Spirit led and functionally equipped for current and emerging contexts, who love God, understand themselves and live God's mission.

As part of the two-year formation program with the School, first year cadets are appointed to a corps (church) for nine months during their first year of training. These corps, as well as becoming their home corps for the year, act as ‘communities of practice’ where the cadets are able to integrate their classroom learning and develop ministry skills through participation in corps life.    

In 2017 Corps Placements for the Messengers of Compassion will commence on 5 March and continue through until 19 November. Blacktown City Corps will be the home corps for Cadets Ashley and Rita Biermann while Cadets Charlie Jung and Star Conliffe will be part of the Rockdale Corps. Cadet Haylee Cooke will call Rouse Hill Corps in Greater Western Sydney her home corps while Cadets Peter and Andrea Martin are placed in southern Sydney at Miranda Corps.

The second year cadets, Messengers of the Gospel, will also grow further in their real-world learning as they are appointed to an intensive period of Out-Training during the months of March to June.  For eleven weeks the cadets will experience full-time ministry in their appointed setting. It will be a great opportunity for them to bring together all aspects of their training and to identify any areas of required growth.  The Out-Training period has the cadet being observed and coached by Supervising Officers who help the cadet to establish a healthy pattern of day to day officership.

With a purposeful mission and guiding values to be Christlike, incarnational, holistic, flexible, innovative and contextual, the School seeks to develop officers of Blood and Fire for the kingdom of God.