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T9695 Issues in Theology and Film

  • Unit Code & NameT9695 Issues in Theology and Film
  • DescriptionThis unit examines the relationship between theology and culture viewed through cinema. A series of films from a variety of genres will be viewed and interpreted theologically. It aims to empower students to appreciate the power of cinema not simply to entertain to but to provoke theological reflection.

    This graduate course unit provides students with an opportunity to focus, at an advanced level, on an area within a discipline or sub discipline that is not available elsewhere in the curriculum. The particular topic might include: an examination of contemporary themes or current issues in the discipline; exploration of developments in research and theory; a consideration of the implications of developments in research and theory to a broad range of issues of current concern to Christian life, ministry or theology; an opportunity to learn new theories and skills and to apply them in practical or simulated circumstances.
  • DisciplineTheology
  • LevelPostgraduate
  • Semester1, 2017
  • Delivery ModeOnline
  • DateWednesday evenings 6.30pm to 9.30 pm. Online students will access weekly learning activities
  • Lecturer(s) Assoc Prof Glen O'Brien
  • PrerequisitesNil
  • Learning ActivitiesLectures, class presentations, film viewing, online activities
  • AssessmentsFilm review, class presentation, research essay
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the topic selected for consideration
    2. Critically analyse a range of primary and secondary literature dealing with the topic
    3. Critically evaluate the topic using the methodologies appropriate to the discipline
    4. Show advanced competence in practical skills and/or descriptive, critical and analytic skills with respect to the topic
    5. Perceptively apply the results of their study to enrich Christian life, ministry, or theology