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T7337 Christian Anthropology and Grace

  • Unit Code & NameT7337 Christian Anthropology and Grace
  • DescriptionWhat does it mean to be human? Where have we come from? What is the hope for humanity and how will we realise it?

    This course unit seeks to provide students with a theological understanding of the human person and the ability to relate Christian anthropology to the theology of grace. It enables students to begin to integrate their prior theological learning into a coherent framework based on a Christian vision of human persons and their orientation to the divine life.
  • DisciplineTheology
  • LevelUndergraduate
  • Semester2, 2018
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • DateJune 18 - 22 | 32a Barnsbury Grove, Bexley North
  • Lecturer(s) Laithe Greenaway
  • Prerequisites9 credit points from 7200 series units in Theology
  • Learning ActivitiesLearning activities for this course include Lectures, tutorials, student presentations and small group work
  • AssessmentsCritical Book Review, Class Presentation and Essay
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Understand the key features of the debates on grace that have occurred in Christian history
    2. Comprehend the interdependency of Christian anthropology and the theology of divine grace particularly as it is manifest in attempts to reconcile understandings of grace and human free will
    3. Relate the theology and life of grace to the Holy Trinity
    4. Analyse and critique recent ecumenical dialogue on Christian anthropology and grace and
    5. Apply the theology of the human person and grace to the dynamics of personal, cultural and social transformation.