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P8561 Developing Leadership through Mentoring

  • Unit Code & NameP8561 Developing Leadership through Mentoring
  • DescriptionThis graduate course unit provides an understanding of the theory and practice of mentoring as applied to the development of Christian leaders.
  • DisciplineChristian Life and Ministry
  • LevelPostgraduate
  • Semester1, 2017
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • Date20 - 24 February, 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • PrerequisitesNil
  • Learning ActivitiesIntensive learning mode; flexible delivery
    1 week intensive plus pre-reading (2 weeks equivalent) and post-intensive assessments (10 weeks equivalent)
  • AssessmentsAssessment Task 1: Class Presentation
    Give a 10 minute class presentation of your understanding of mentoring and articulate its relevance and benefits for Christian leaders, with particular reference to your own cultural, church and/or missional context. Creativity is encouraged.
    The following week, submit online
    ? A 500 word statement on ?What is mentoring??
    ? A 500 word (or equivalent) summary of your presentation
    Assessment Task 2: Essay
    Option A: Research Paper: A Biblical Theology of Mentoring
    ? Discuss at least 3 empowering relationships in the Bible
    ? Compare and contrast these
    ? Identify principles for mentoring in the contemporary context
    Option B: Literature Review
    From the books listed under Learning Resources in the course unit book, choose TWO texts and write a 2,000 word critical review. You should answer the following questions in your review:
    ? What do you learn about the authors? approach to mentoring?
    ? What are the main lessons of each book?
    ? What aspect of each book struck you the most? Why?
    ? What will you apply to your practice as a mentor as a result of reading these books?

    Assessment Task 3: Mentoring Practise and Critical Reflection Paper
    Identify a person with whom you can establish or continue a mentoring relationship over the course of the months following the intensive. You should meet with your mentoree on at least 4 occasions for the purpose of this assessment task. Produce a 2,000 word portfolio of critical reflections on 4 x 1 hour mentoring sessions that you have carried out with the same person.
    The portfolio needs to include:
    ? A brief summary of what happened in each session.
    ? The themes that were covered in the sessions.
    ? The different skills you used in the sessions, and how well you think you applied them.
    ? How effective you think the sessions were for the mentoree.
    ? What you learned about yourself as a mentor during these sessions.
    ? What you might do differently in other mentoring sessions.
    ? Your action points for your future development as a mentor.
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Work with leaders to discern together key issues for their development
    2. Assist leaders to set personal goals and formulate action plans
    3. Provide positive accountability, support and challenge to stimulate leadership development
    4. Articulate how mentoring complements other methods of leadership development
    5. Relate the practice of mentoring to Biblical models and values