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M9695MJ Issues in Mission and Justice

  • Unit Code & NameM9695MJ Issues in Mission and Justice
  • DescriptionThis graduate course unit provides students with an opportunity to focus, at an advanced level, on issues in mission and justice. It is a missiological unit that explores themes and issues relating to the practice of social justice in different contexts.

    Topics are based on research and theory in the fields of missiology and community development and what is studied will be applied to contemporary situations and participants' future ministry practice.
  • DisciplineChristian Life and Ministry
  • LevelPostgraduate
  • Semester2, 2017
  • Delivery ModeOnline, Intensive
  • DateIntensive from 17-21 July, 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Lecturer(s) Dr Evelyn Hibbert
  • PrerequisitesNil
  • Learning ActivitiesTeaching sessions (whether online or face-to-face) will be conducted as interactive workshops in which you engage with theory, interact with case studies, and develop as a reflective practitioner. A particular focus will be on creating connections between different fields of knowledge (missiology, theology, biblical teaching and community development) in order to apply what is being learnt to actual practice in ministry settings.

    You will be expected to read carefully, reflect on the readings in the light of your own experience, be open to different ways of understanding the world and approaching learning, be willing to examine your own assumptions, and to engage in scholarly debate with colleagues. You should come ready to actively engage in interactive and collaborative learning.

    This unit is focused on collaborative and integrative discussion relating to unit readings. We also construct a mind map together as a tool for analysing a social justice case study.
  • AssessmentsAssessments include critical reflections on readings, a critical analysis of a given case study and the formulation of an integrative statement of your own personal philosophy with respect to mission and justice.
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of mission and justice
    2. Critically analyse a range of primary and secondary literature dealing with mission and justice
    3. Critically evaluate issues in mission and justice using missiological methodologies
    4. Show advanced competence in critical analysis of contemporary social justice issues
    5. perceptively apply integrative principles of mission and social justice to a consideration of future ministry practice
  • Text BooksMyers, Bryant L. Walking with the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 2011.

    NOTE: You will need to watch the following video once or twice, but do not need to buy it to keep.
    Welcome Nowhere: The Story of the Boxcar Gypsies, directed by Kate Ryan (2013; Los Angeles, CA: One Small Instrument Pictures, 2015), DVD.