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M7109Isl Introduction to Islam

  • Unit Code & NameM7109Isl Introduction to Islam
  • DescriptionThis course unit provides students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of the Muslim faith and their theology of Christian engagement with Islam.

    Topics covered include key Islamic doctrines, the history and varieties of Islam, the history of Christian engagement with Islam and contemporary missiology with respect to Islam. Students will engage practically with Muslims, as well as consider the social, political and missional impact of Islam upon their particular ministry setting.
  • DisciplineChristian Life and Ministry
  • LevelUndergraduate
  • Semester2, 2017
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • Date26 - 30 June, 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Lecturer(s) Dr Richard Shumack
  • PrerequisitesNil
  • Learning ActivitiesLearning activities include seminars, tutorials, lectures, student presentations, and research tasks - including visiting Muslim communities/Mosques
  • Assessments30% Critical Review of a Muslim publication introducing Islam to a Western audience (1200 words).
    30% Class/tutorial presentation on a visit to a Mosque, or Islamic bookshop/centre (12min/1 page writeup).
    40% Evaluation of one missional Christian engagement with Muslims (1600 words)
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the topic selected for consideration
    2. Describe a range of primary and secondary literature dealing with the topic
    3. Evaluate the topic using the methodologies appropriate to the discipline
    4. Show competence in practical skills and/or descriptive, critical and analytic skills with respect to the topic
    5. Apply the results of their study to enrich Christian life, ministry, or theology
  • Text BooksAzuma, J., My Neighbour's Faith: Islam Explained for Christians, (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2008) Kindle version available. (Main text, required reading).