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L7320 Preaching and Context

  • Unit Code & NameL7320 Preaching and Context
  • DescriptionThis course introduces students to a variety of sermon structures. We will explore the variety of contexts that a preacher may find themselves in and discover the best structure for that particular setting. Time is also spent in Delivery Workshops. The week concludes with Students preaching using one of the structures taught in class. This course unit examines preaching in its social and cultural context.
  • DisciplineChristian Life and Ministry
  • LevelUndergraduate
  • Semester1, 2018
  • Delivery ModeIntensive
  • DateJanuary 29 - February 2 | 32a Barnsbury Grove, Bexley North
  • PrerequisitesL7220 Introduction to Preaching
  • Learning ActivitiesLectures, classroom discussion and viewing examples of preachers/sermons that reinforce the method being taught. Time will also be spent in a delivery workshop where students develop their vocal skills
  • AssessmentsAssessments include a sermon review, preparing and preaching a sermon in front of peers and the submission of a notated sermon
  • Learning OutcomesAt the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Appraise contemporary social and cultural context, extrapolate future trends, and comment on the place of preaching
    2. Explain the principles underlying effective preaching in particular contexts
    3. Design sermons or homilies incorporating variations in style and structure
    4. Critique sermons or homilies with reference to their social and cultural context
    5. Preach sermons or homilies that effectively communicate in different contexts