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DS2127B Insights from the Ages: Spirituality, Mission and Leadership

  • Unit Code & NameDS2127B Insights from the Ages: Spirituality, Mission and Leadership
  • DescriptionThis unit looks at a variety of significant figures in the history of Christian spirituality, spanning several centuries.

    The focus is on their personal and spiritual formation and how their spirituality, as a whole, was expressed and developed through leadership and mission. The impact of these figures in transforming their traditions and their world will be explored. A diaglogical approach will be used to engage the original contexts, concepts of mission and leadership, and their application in the contemporary church.
  • FieldD - Theology: Mission and Ministry
  • DisciplineDS - Spirituality
  • LevelUndergraduate
  • Semester2, 2018
  • Delivery ModeClass
  • DateWednesdays 1.30pm - 4.30pm | 100 Maidstone, Ringwood
  • Prerequisites15 points in DS
  • Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

    1. Locate selected spiritual leaders in their historical and social context
    2. Describe how the spirituality, leadership and mission of selected leaders transformed their existing tradition
    3. Assess specific connections between an individual's spirituality, leadership and mission
    4. Demonstrate awareness of the interplay of these elements in the student's own spirituality, leadership and ministry.
  • Text BooksNo set texts recommended for purchase

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