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PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is a higher degree by research. The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy is to qualify individuals who apply a substantial body of knowledge to research, investigate and develop new knowledge, in one or more areas of investigation, scholarship or professional practice.

CHCSS00111 - Problem Gambling Skill Set

This training program provides a set of skills for working with clients who have gambling problems. It is an online course ideally suited to those already working as counsellors, financial counsellors or case-workers. It will also assist other health professionals who want to develop specialised skills to support clients, and their families with gambling issues.

10433NAT - Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

This course is designed to equip people for ministry and leadership as well as enhance personal spiritual growth to live a servant-hearted and effective Christian life. The course covers a broad range of topics equipping you in a range of ministry activities relevant to leadership in a church context and workplace.

BSB30415 - Certificate III in Business Administration

Learn to support your team as you grow your skills and knowledge in a range of general business administration operations. Be equipped to create professional looking spreadsheets and business documents, organise schedules and prepare presentations, offer quality customer service, and learn keyboard and computer functions. Practice your skills to use office programs, develop an analytical mind and learn to give attention to detail.

EX2010I - Excel 2010 Intermediate

The course is only open to The Salvation Army personnel. Excel 2010 is the spreadsheet application in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite that allows you to store, organize, and analyze information. This is an intermediate course that will offer you the chance to upskill and learn from professionals.

GDDiv - Graduate Diploma in Divinity

The Graduate Diploma in Divinity allows students to explore multiple areas of interest in divinity and its associated disciplines or to engage with one or two areas in depth. It serves as a foundation for study of theology or philosophy and disciplines which are associated with them. The Graduate Diploma in Divinity consists of 144 points of Postgraduate Foundational or Postgraduate Elective units. Note: This award may be used as an exit point from eligible students enrolled in a Masters degree who meet the admission requirements.

GDTheol - Graduate Diploma in Theology

The Graduate Diploma in Theology allows students to explore areas of interest in theology. It provides a substantial foundation for further study and a means of engaging Christian thought and traditions. Graduates are able to articulate insights for Christian practice and identity. The Graduate Diploma in Theology consists of 144 points comprised of: - 72 points of Foundational units taken across three disciplines in at least two fields; and - a further 72 points

GCDiv - Graduate Certificate in Divinity

The Graduate Certificate in Divinity allows students to explore areas of interest in divinity and its associated disciplines. It serves as an introduction to the broad field of study of theology or philosophy and disciplines which are associated with them. Every course of study for the Graduate Certificate in Divinity consists of 72 points of Foundational or Elective units.

MDiv - Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is a primary theological degree for students with a degree in another area. The Master of Divinity enables students to apply an advanced body of knowledge in divinity and its associated disciplines in ministry contexts. Students broaden their knowledge and skills to prepare them for professional practice and further learning. The Master of Divinity consists of 432 points comprised of: a) not less than 168 points and not more than 192 points of Foundational units, including: - 48 points in at least one biblical or associated language - 48 points in field B - 48 points in field C - 24 points in field D b) not less than 148 points and not more than 240 points of Elective units, including: - 24 points in field B - 24 points in field C - 24 points in field D c) either a Capstone unit worth at least 24 points or a Research Essay.

CHCSS00077 - Financial Literacy Education Skill Set

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how it is earned, managed, invested and donated. More specifically, it refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. This skill set is for community workers whose clients may be facing issues related to the basic day to day management of their finances and who may be at risk of increasing debt and its associated risks. It provides a set of skills for provision of basic financial literacy education for clients.

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