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Mission Program Team

Training Officers


Captains Matthew and Emma Moore

Captains Matthew and Emma are Training Officers with the School for Officer Training.

Matthew was commissioned as an officer of The Salvation Army in 2008, while Emma has been an officer for over 10 years. Matthew and Emma  have been in a variety of appointments, both in established and new churches, and share a passion to help people explore faith, understand themselves better, and engage in purposeful and spirit-building conversations.

Prior to entering officership Matthew worked as a ministry assistant at The Salvation Army discipleship school and also in summer camps in the United States.  Matthew has had experience at church planting, international missions building project, church leadership, youth and young adult ministry, and project development, and is part of an organic home church.

Matthew has Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, Certificate IV in Youth Work, Certificate IV in Planting and Growing Healthy Churches and a Bachelor of Theology qualification. His areas of interest are in

What the future Church would look like
Personal Spiritual Formation
Engaging youth and young adults
In line with her passion, Emma continues to consider how to help people to belong and engage in meaningful ways and is currently experimenting with the Socratic circle method for sharing Scripture in a home church setting. She presented a paper at the 2016 Thought Matters Conference looking at the question, “Are there people for whom the traditional understanding of salvation is unhelpful?”
Matthew and Emma are about witnessing, making disciples and asking the difficult questions. 

Contact Information

p| 02 9502 0432